Reporting Scores

Youth sports present the unique opportunity to provide a structured and competitive environment that allows kids room to grow. The NOLL is committed to providing this environment to youth lacrosse in the NE Ohio region. As part of this commitment we are asking both the referees and the community coaches to fill out post-game surveys/assessments that allow everyone to reflect on the coaching, officiating, and fan support at each game. Our commitment to creating a respectful, supportive, and competitive environment for each and every kid and community is paramount.

Our expectations are always that coaches will be constructive, supportive, and fair with their treatment of their own players, the opposing coaches and players, the referees, and fans. Same goes for families and fan's behavior towards players, coaches, and the referees. Our referees are held to a standard of excellence with respect to their understanding and commitment to the rules of the game, their communication with coaches and players, and the maintenance of a safe and fair playing environment. The assessments are designed to provide feedback to the NOLL Board of the gameday experience from multiple angles. The review of these assessments will also help identify trends in coaching, fan, or referee behavior that might merit further training or intervention.


Home Team Coaches are required to complete game assessments to allow for consistent and timely updating of the standings. Away Team Coaches are welcome to fill out their assessments of the referee, opposing coaches, and fans but do not need to report scores.

In order to assess game officials/referees, you must ask for their names prior to the start of the game.

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